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charismatic gifts Rita J. Halter 08-16-2018
Re: re: New Teaching on Death Penalty wondering 08-13-2018
when death is imminent troubled 08-13-2018
Pro-life and death penalty PJ 08-13-2018
Last Pope? PJG 08-10-2018
EWTN World Over and the death penalty FrankV37 08-10-2018
Bill's post of 8/8 Joe 08-10-2018
Please correct your error SLS 08-10-2018
re: New Teaching on Death Penalty Anny 08-08-2018
Catholic College Pushing a Female Diety bill 08-08-2018
Annunciation prior to Nativity Steve 08-08-2018
Death Penalty Phyllis Armeli 08-08-2018
Death Penalty L Roy 08-08-2018
Capital Punishment Bill Manderfeld 08-08-2018
Re: Capital Punishment ann 08-08-2018
AMAC chris 08-03-2018
End of Mass Kathryn Buonincontri 08-03-2018
infertility anon 08-03-2018
Canonisation Happy 08-03-2018
confusion Nadia 08-03-2018
New Teaching on Death Penalty Tim Koscheski 08-03-2018
Death penalty inadmissible confused 08-03-2018
AARP FrankV 07-24-2018
Pro-Life Advocate - Really? joseph pellegrino 07-24-2018
vasectomy anonymous 07-24-2018
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